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Don't have an account? Ted Wiggins | Tallulah | Kelly Roberts | Wes Rivers | Rooster | Queen Lorelei | Prince Zane | Kitty | Raquelle | Merfairy | Barbie Heroes | Courtney Tsubasa | This article enumerates the epsiodes of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse Season 1. Teresa borrows Raquelle's dress and starts acting like Raquelle. Miette | Larkspur | John Bennett | Princess Tori | George Roberts | Despereaux Tilling | Barbie meets a fab new girl at the Malibu Mall. Kelly Roberts | Seamstress | Princess Lacey | Jimmy | Daisy Doyle | Ken thought she would play it on the school speakers, which embarrassed him, and he thought he sounded like a dork. Stacie Roberts | Madison and Makayla | Lumpy | Harmony | Nola | Ramona Flowers | The series follows a Slice of Life look into Barbie's, well, life in her Malibu dream house, with brief Reality Television-esque asides into Barbie and her friends' thoughts. Ken | She is very self-centered and loves looking at herself more than anything. Ferris | No marks, spots or breaks. The group heads out to the beach for some fun in the sun. Duke | Maurice | Artemis, Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase Thing One and Thing Two | Martha May Whovier | Submissions without photos may not be accepted. Barbie | Danny Butterman | Renée Honda | Woody Woodpecker (2017) | Barbie's first best friend, Midge, comes to town and Barbie gives her a well overdue makeover. Alan Abernathy | Princess Miranda | Barbie | Prince Edmund | Ox | Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. Taylor Wall | Nikki O'Neill, Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse The Destinies | The next morning, Barbie, Raquelle and Ken woke up, thinking it all as a dream. Prince Albrecht | Serafina | Sagi | Benjamin Lockwood | Powers/Skills Gray Mitchell | The pets go on an adventure but try not to be caught by Barbie. Sean Boswell | Her eyeshadow was purple and her lipstick was pink. Ruby | Skipper Roberts | Crystal got scared when she saw Carrie and Taylor's shoe and purse, which made Graciella furious later trapped them. Viveca | Jurassic Park Heroes | The Barden Bellas (Beca Mitchell, Fat Amy & Aubrey Posen) | Summer Gordon | Stacie Roberts | Zia Rodriguez | Barbie | Mama Pig | Violet | | The Grinch | Princess Hadley | Dizzle | Envy Adams | Clint Hadson | DJ | Chuck | Prince Julian | Ambassador of Bulovia, Barbie as The Island Princess Raquelle also had to wear fake wings. Prince Liam | Prince Derek | Jenna Sanders | Roman Pearce | Pupcorn | This page was last edited on 15 January 2021, at 13:54. Fabian | Full Name Princess Delia | Louie | In Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale, Raquelle (successfully) attempted to break Ken and Barbie up. Stacie Roberts | Barbie takes Ken, Ryan, and Raquelle camping. Donald Gennaro | Sequin | It’s her super smarts and quirky style that make her absolutely a-dork-able! Princess Blair | Princess Lumina | King Randolph | Princess Katrina | Scott Pilgrim | Fallon Casey | Closet Princess ... Raquelle demands more screen and voice time and Ken gets furious over his role as set janitor. Rocket J. Squirrel (2000) | Fairy Speck | There was a light blue corsage at the end of the straps. Wendy Darling | It's Barbie's birthday and her friends go looking for the perfect birthday present. Princess Graciella | Majestique | Barbie | Ray Arnold | Cecilia Nuthatch | Raquelle's shoes were silver and had straps that wrapped around her shins. Crystal | Grandfather Drosselmayer | Martin Brody | Archibald | The latest animated series to tie in with the popular Barbie toyline, Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is a 2012 web series produced by Mattel. Princess Alexa | Mr. Bunny | Bullwrinkle J. Moose (2000) | Tiny | Barbie | Tiger | Michael Brody | Hypnotist | Lucas | Cutie | RaquellePrincess Isla KokoroSandrineZia Todd | Princess Gina | Stacie Roberts | Plus, she also says iconic phrases from the show. Prince Derek | Barbie decides to surprise Ken by upgrading his car as a gift for their anniversary. Queen Adrienne | Edger the Innkeeper | In the 5th grade, she used to be best friends with Barbie, but once she became more popular, she began bullying Barbie along with her friends Regen and Dawn. Raquelle | Princess Aubray | Jenna | Spirit of Christmas Present | Dingo | Enchantress | Nash | Ken invents a shrinking ray and accidentally shrinks Barbie and Raquelle. Charlie | Kristyn Farraday | Kelly Roberts | Background. SEE ALL Voice Actors » Shows. The Fairies | Prince Louis | Queen Danielle | Billy Brennan | Llane Wrynn | As "a joke", Raquelle sent Barbie a recording of some of the lines, where Ken breaks up with someone. Cera | Lady Hamilton | Barbie® doll's life in the Dreamhouse® mansion is pretty FAB! Summer and Raquelle run from security while they wait for Barbie. Ken attempts to teach Barbie how to drive. Harry Henderson | Durotan | Ambassador of Bismark | Kathleen "Kat" Harvey | Princess Portia | John "Reaper" Grimm | The girls go on a scavenger hunt at the beach. Princess Alexa | Snow White | Raquelle | Teeny Mermaid | Teresa | Silver | USERNAME: PASSWORD: Forgot password? Grace Findley | Calvin | Spirit of Christmas Past | Cloud Princess Blush | Finn Oxford | The latest animated series to tie in with the popular Barbie toyline, Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is a 2012 web series produced by Mattel. Queen Erika | Patricia Lovitz | Paul Kirby | Barbie | Magic powersRuthlessFlightFriendlyLoyaltyJoyfulnessCharisma Lily | Kylie Morgan, Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale Dr. James Harvey | Kelly Roberts | Rookie | Queen Isabella | Hervé | Hailey | Keeya Saunders | Ned and Ted Johnson | Corinne D'Artagnan | Regen | King | The skirt of the dress was frilly and puffy, with light blue frills underneath, and light pink frills underneath the blue ones. Princess Fallon | Aunt Marie | There is an extreme weather phenomena in Malibu. Barbie gives Skipper a job at her boutique but Raquelle tries to ruin her first day on the job. King Terrance | Mr. Pennington | Berthe | Prince Daniel | Rookie | Azul | Felix | Rayna and Rayla | Lindsay | Dr. Seuss Heroes | Dori | Skipper Roberts | Unicorns, Barbie in Princess Power Andie | Lydia | Barbie | Ghostly Trio | Her excuse was that she didn't really think Barbie would take it seriously, but Barbie got upset and wanted to get away, so she went to Paris to visit her aunt. Trey Reardon, Barbie: Dreamtopia Rookie | Nori | Renée Honda | Hugo | Princess Catania | Barbie | The top part of the dress was purple down to the hips, and the skirt was flowing and bright blue. Princess Anneliese | Sloane MacLain | Prince Kieran | George Newton | Caprice | Madame Katerina | Eric the Huntsman | Zuma | Brian O'Conner | Madison Darwynn | Nikki O'Neill | Princess Josette | Hadley Ainsley | Wikis. Amanda Kirby | Cassandra | Nora | The Once-Ler | Ken looks for a job, but is constantly disrupted by Barbie's calls for assistance. Mariposa | Troll, Barbie in A Christmas Carol Teresa | Fred | Barbie | Cha-Ka | Max | Phaedra | Sophie | Alan Grant | Alexandra Privet | Mayor Jenkins, Barbie: Spy Squad Lumina | Bruce Nolan | Margo Gru | Max Roberts | "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse" Sisters' Fun Day (TV Episode 2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Liam | Newton, Barbie in Rock 'N Royals Raquelle briefly appeared in this film. Clive Gollings | Parker | Sebastian | Princess Josette | Hannah | Popcorn | Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse introduced Barbie's frenemy Raquelle and now girls can really role play the Dreamhouse drama with this new sound-engineered talking doll. Charlotte | Bibble | Nori | Laika Heroes | She had blue shorts on that had a bow on them. Princess Liana | Pufferazzi | Melody | Anna Barnes | Chelsea Roberts | Chelsie O'Reilly | Wenlock's Wives, The Barbie Diaries Reggie | Aramina | Alias Babe | John Darling | Lilliana Roxelle | Spirit of Christmas Present | Taffy Roberts | Barbie | Kris, Barbie: Dolphin Magic Raquelle, Ryan, Teresa and Barbie enter a television baking competition to see who can make the best cupcakes. Barbie goes through her endless closet for a specific accessory to wear on her 43rd anniversary with Ken. Princess Alexa | Marcus | Tanya Mousekewitz | King Kong (2005) | Prince Stefan | Prince Leo | Cloud Queen Rayla | Sagi | Prince Delphin | However, Barbie tricks the clone into removing its comb that contains A.I. The sisters struggle to keep up with Barbie's overly energetic best friend, Summer, who just moved into town. Taffy Roberts | Ken | Princess Brietta | Kuda | Felix | Xylie | Christie Asher | Read More. Ardeth Bay | Hit-Girl | Papa Mousekewitz | Snouts | Prince Delphin | The artificially intelligent Dreamhouse closet traps Barbie and her friends until she makes a more sophisticated fashion choice. Emmett Brown | Grace Findley | Azura | 7 | Anna | The girls head back out to the woods as Stacie is looking to earn her wilderness badge. Gifts, Goofs, Galore. Makena | Chelsea and Raquelle are fighting to be the mayor of Malibu. Queen Vera | Vivian Krill | Hu, Live-Action Films Midge Hadley | 10 January, 2021 (Sunday) She lives a lifestyle, posh is very a will doto. Rex | Nick Van Owen | Alice Pierce | M.B. Barbie | Jilliana | Barbie: Dreamhouse Party is a party video game published by Little Orbit and developed by Torus Games[11] based on the show. Snowball | Draco | She usually has brown eyes with black hair, and is depicted as Asian when she plays Asian characters. Stacie Roberts | 1. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (2018) Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (2012) Kelly Dream Club (2002) Movies. Graciella tells Barbie and Raquelle that their wings will disappear when they return to the human world but re-appear when they came back, and promise to keep it a secret. Isla Kokoro | Notto Prince | Honey | Pearl, Barbie: Mariposa Barbie | Princess Alexa | Blair Willows | Ken | When Barbie decides to spend time with Tawny, a jealous Blissa tries to sabotage their night out. Larry Talbot (1941) | Blair Willows | Aramina | Kristen De Silva | Various. Renée Honda | | Barbie hangs out with Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea but has to leave them to help. Etienne Cheynet | Taffy Roberts | Princess Delia | But Raquelle doesn't promise to keep Gloss Angeles a secret so the fairies throw sleeping dust on them. Princess Ashlyn | Dr. Leonard | Delancy Devin | Lulu | Principal Miller | With Kate Higgins, Sean Hankinson, Haviland Stillwell, Paula Rhodes. Rose Ross | Merliah Summers | Buddy | Purple Mer-teen, Barbie and the Secret Door In 2006, in The Barbie Diaries, Raquelle was going out with Todd. Barbie | Owen Shaw | Zee | Teresa | Christie Clauson | False Antagonist Olga Velasco. Dawn | Marlene Roberts | Her dress was purple with a sweetheart neckline that had a frilly white lining. Family Raquelle is the girlfriend of a football player named Todd, who Barbie has a crush on. Prince Nicholas | Elliott | Hue | Princess Luciana | The show heavily relies on slapstick humor, and makes a lot of satirical and self-parody references to the Barbie doll line. Topaz | Sara | Kevin, Stuart & Bob | Chelsea Roberts | Minions | However, nothing seems to go right when Teresa can't stop laughing at his lyrics, Raquelle demands more screen and voice time and Ken gets furious over his role as set janitor. Eden Starling | Maisie Lockwood | Dr. Henry Jekyll | Barbie gets banned at the Malibu airport, so she and her sisters decide to build their own jet. Gingerbread Boy | Barbie told everything to Graciella about the love potion that planned by Crystal. When Raquelle was travelling around Gloss Angeles, she wore the same outfit that she was wearing when she went to see Ken at Wally's. Ted | Carl Denham | Princess Isla | DJ | William | Taffy Roberts, Barbie and the Rockers Chelsea gets a dolphin tank installed in the middle of the Dreamhouse, but the dolphin escape and the group has to get them back. Ann Darrow | Peter Pan | Cora | Letty Ortiz | Tia Ashbei, Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses Raquelle convinced him to let her record his lines. Nikki O'Neill | Enter. Millicent Rawlins, Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar 5 | Dr. Nefario | Carrie and Taylor tell that they are going to visit a friend which they re-connected (Princess Graciella) at their hometown (Gloss Angeles). Ken | Talayla | Rayna and Rayla | Raquelle® doll can record voice and sound and play it back in her voice. Hotdogeteria Guy | Captain Candy | ... Shows: Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, Kelly Dream Club, Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. Kelly Roberts | Fergis | Agnes Gru | Claire Dearing | Queen Frieda | Prince Aidan | Arthur Hoggett | Sea Butterfly | Princess Corinne | Felonious Gru | Lilliana Roxelle | Mama Mousekewitz | Elina | Vanessa | Raquelle | Bullying Barbie (formerly).Shopping.Reading. Big Daddy | Hattie Shaw | Casper McFadden | Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is an online web series of computer-animated shorts produced by Arc Productions, and Mattel. Zinzie | Ken decides to tell the truth to Barbie, and Barbie and her sisters gets all the clones back to stop them. Trained Dogs, Barbie: Thumbelina Ken puts up a guy-friendly hangout inside Barbie's boutique, but things get out of hand when too many guys crowd up the store. Sandrine | Barbie wakes up with disheveled hair, and the girls think she's a trend setter. Bouncies | When Midge starts to miss the snow in Wisconsin, Ken brings the snow to her. Freya | Viveca | John Kimble | Her headband had a pink butterfly on it, and she still wore a purple dress. Ambassador Selena | Mariposa | Even Raquelle® doll has to admit it. Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: At the end of "The Shrinkerator." Vince | Aunt Marie | Raquelle | Glee | Hilarion | Skipper Roberts | Catherine Beadnell | George Roberts | Ajay Sidhu | Supervisor Nick | Cutie | Bridgette Cheynet | Riff | Janessa | She had her hair down, and had dangly earrings. Prince Carlos | Anduin Lothar | Isla Kokoro | Carrie O'Malley | Nanny McPhee | Princess Janessa | DJ | Silversmith | Spirit of Christmas Past | Dori | Under her skirt she was wearing shiny black leggings, and her shoes were silver high heeled sandals. Teresa | Mia Toretto | Princess Lumina | Jake Pentecost | Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Barbie Talkin' Raquelle Doll Life in the Dreamhouse 2012 Mattel at the best online prices at eBay! When Raquelle was transformed into a fairy, she still had her hair up, and she wore blue and silver teardrop earrings. She comes wearing her original dress. Zee | Shimmer Sprites | Princess Rosella | Taylor Wall | Problems arise during game night when Barbie and Ryan end up getting stuck in an elevator together. Raquelle throws an epic party just to show up Barbie in front of all of her friends. Princess Edeline | Mrs. Beadnell | Princess Courtney | Midge Hadley | Garona | Barbie competes with the clone to prove the clone is fake but the clone beats her. Minister | DJ | Raquelle. Coral | Queen Unicorn | King Kristoff | Raquelle is not currently in a relationship, but does have a crush on Ken, seen in many Life in the Dreamhouse episodes, such as Playing Heart to Get and Stuck with You. Shaun | Kelly Roberts | Ronald Tyler | Please include at least one social/website link containing a recent photo of the actor. Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse TV Spot. In Trapped in the Dreamhouse, Raquelle banged on the Dreamhouse door, yelling 'I want to go stop Barbie and feel good about myself for once in my life!!'. Movie: The Barbie Diaries Franchise: Barbie. Barbie and her sisters go to the beach and leave Chelsea behind. Kick-Ass Heroes | Voice Actors, Characters, TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, ... Raquelle 2 incarnations. Ken decides to go meet up with her, and leaves Raquelle. Echo | R.J MacReady | DJ | Daisy Doyle | Kenzie Dougherty | Princess Kara | Andy Barclay | Tiberius | Holly Cantrell | Samantha Lang | Johnny English | Prince Liam | Dominic Toretto | Tony Toponi | Princess Kathleen | Barbie decides to invite everyone over for a pool party and Ken builds a giant slide. The Cat in the Hat (2003) | Richard B. Riddick | Lazlo | Keira | Sheena and Kareena H'ahrmonee | Teresa | Wicked Queen, Barbie: A Fairy Secret Ambassador Renata | Raquelle isn't getting as much attention as Barbie at a film premiere, so she rips Barbie's dress "by accident". Princess Corinne | Barbie | Skipper Roberts | Jenny | Deputy Frank Hawkins | Peppermint Girl | Princess Genevieve | Kayla | Princess Annika | Jacques Roussel | Games Movies TV Video. The Scientist | Queen Marabella | E.T. Ken | A new series titled Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures was released March 30, 2018. Lord Gastrous | Captain Englehorn | Sam Chamberlain | Ned and Ted Johnson | Expand ... Raquelle (voice) Lin Yuan Guo | Nikki O'Neill | Melody | Major Mint | Kristyn Farraday | Sal-Lee | Spike | Patricia Lovitz | The Grinch | Zara Young | Marcus, Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Phaedra | Twyla | Mr. Nobody | Barbie | Marie | Raquelle also had a gold necklace on, and her outfit was a shiny, royal blue-colored bolero over a red and white striped top. It's bath day at the Dreamhouse, though the pets aren't so stoked about the idea. Rex | Princess Luciana | Ken makes a Barbie clone to help with her jobs so he can spend more time, but the robot turns evil and Ken's tennis playing robot cause a lot of clones to appear and cause disasters. Ivan | Rainbow Princesses, Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures Raquelle is the news anchor for the school news channel and tries to make Barbie do silly errands for her in order to make her miserable. Nick Morton | Teresa | Gary King | Maia | Evangeline | Daisy | Submissions should come only from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency. Gussie Mausheimer | Captain Neweyes | Puffball | Rayna Magnolia | Barbie has various misadventures with her friends and sisters in a doll-sized version of Malibu.

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