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Aerophytes are not parasitic. Lighting: Most Light Levels Suitable-- Higher Light will promote brighter coloration 09055134527 Or PM us to place your order. Only 2 left. Mostly neoregelia, and similar genera. Select from one of the below options to narrow the field: ... ON SALE … These small bromeliads are by far my top choice for the terrarium. ProRep are delighted to introduce a comprehensive range of live plants. Savings: $2.00. Depending on your input, we'll either ship now (if you don't mind the risk), or hold/reserve for the next available safe (guaranteed) temperature window. Our popular grower's choice assortment of miniature plants suitable for terrariums. From shop GlassBoxTropicals. These are not just tiny offsets that have no root base, these are established adults that are perfect for terrariums that stay a manageable size. OR. An Express shipping quote is available on the last page of checkout before finalizing payment. Please select express shipping during checkout if you'd like to qualify for our live arrival guarantee. In order to meet the needs of herpetologists and more importantly, the needs of reptiles and amphibians, Exo Terra developed a wide range of terrariums each with their own specific features. You live within a 1-day ground transit zone, so standard shipping is an appropriate option to select during checkout. Tillandsia for collectors and vivarium keepers. We aim to offer the biggest, healthiest, cleanest, most natural, and best-priced terrarium plants out there. Free shipping for many products! Humidity & Misting: 40%-100% *Higher humidity pr... Common Name: Earth Star Bio Dude Substrates: All Substrate Types Add to Wishlist | … You're unsubscribed. It certainly doesn’t need to be filled with plants , make it more interesting by adding a candle , timber , bamboo stakes , pebbles , whatever you want !!!! These are NOT rooted adults but pups that have been removed from the mother plant that are beginning to establish. Orders shipped using standard service in temperatures like these don't carry a live arrival guarantee, and we don't recommend it unless you feel comfortable taking that risk. Login for Price. Your #1 source for all reptile supplies. Best for These Animals: Scientific Name: Tillandsia sp. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Chinese New Year sales. Shipping will be via FedEx.) InSitu Selva Terrarium FREE SHIPPING!!! Shopping Options. Scientific Name: Cryptanthus sp. These are the types of bromeliads you’ll most often find at Art Terrarium! Why Bromeliads Make Great Houseplants. Bromeliads. Journeys: Colombia - Madeira - Peru. Shop great deals on Extra Small (Terrarium) Houseplants. Best for These Animals: Same day delivery throughout Toronto and the GTA. These small terrarium worthy bromeliads are perfect for your dart frog tank, allowing your frogs lots of places to hide and lay eggs! -Care Recommendations By The Dude- Refer a friend and they get $10 credit and you'll receive 200 Dude Bucks after they place their order. Neoregelia Mephisto in Premium Buces. Pot Size. $13.99 $ 13. Bio Dude Substrates: All Substrate Types 0 Search. Shipped bare root, wrapped in paper.   Sale Ended All Sales; Twig Terrarium; Bromeliad Kokedama ; Bromeliad Kokedama. Quantity in Stock:2. Spend $100 get $14.95 Flat Rate Shipping! Bromeliads are suited for use in forest set ups. Premiere seller of air plants in the U.S. (This item ships separate from other items ordered and will come out of Washington state where they are produced. A beautiful addition to any terrarium. There are over 3000 species of bromeliads from 57 different genera, and although a few are widely available, the vast majority will rarely or never be offered for sale. Forest Soil.   Toronto's full-service environmentally and socially sustainable florist. Varieties come in a range of greens and reds making them a fun way of adding some extra color to your terrarium. -Care Recommendations By The Dude- Common Name: Earth Star 99 ($13.99/Count) Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18. Scientific Name: Tillandsia sp. -Care Recommendations By The Dude- Assorted Terrarium Bromeliads (Small-Med) Regular price $15.00 Sale. Although they like moist conditions they are prone to … Paradisia offers cyanea throughout the year as single flowering plants in 115mm pots. NEOREGELIA PEMIENTO. $210.00. There may be 1 duplicate depending on the Dude's availability. Before going into suitable plants, here are some terms that will be useful; Courtesy of Flora’s Forum. Neoregelia Wild Tiger, one super cute mini Bromeliad! If you would like to learn more about Glass Box Tropicals, please visit our About Us page. We check the weather every morning when we open up, so we'll be sure to ship your order as soon as we safely can. Buy Bromeliads for Terrariums Bromeliads are one of the most used plants in terrariums, they are slow-growing and indispensable in a Dendrobates terrarium. Shop bought bromeliads are generally sold in pots, but this is more about keeping the plant upright rather than keep it watered. These may include selections from several families including Neoregelia, Cryptanthus, Billbergia, Vriesea, Aechmea, and others. Orders which need to be held due to weather have their products reserved and hold their place in the outgoing order queue. Soil Depth: *Should not be planted in substrat... *This is for a 3-Pack, of the Dude's handpicked assortment. (It's "first come, first served" once we're able to ship!) 55 A wonderful variety of Air Plants / Tillandsia for sale online by award winning gardener Andrew Gavin. Home House Plants Terrarium Plants Terrariums for Sale Terrarium Supplies Isopods & Springtails Oddities Terrarium Gallery Contact Us. WooHoo!   Only 4 left. Minis, landscape, rare and unusual species. For the past 10 years, we have been cultivating and growing a large collection of rare bromeliads and dahlias from around the world. Login for Price. Home / Terrarium / Plants for Terrarium / bromeliads. $45.90 $ 45. Assorted Terrarium Bromeliad Offsets - 200 Plants . Bio Dude Substrates: TerraFlora, TerraFauna, Some TerraFirma & TerraAra... *This is for a 5-Pack, of the Dude's handpicked assortment. The email you entered isn't valid. Free shipping for many products! If you would like to learn more about Glass Box Tropicals, please visit our About Us page. Please use our, Terrestrially: In very fast-draining substrate, Keep humid, Allow to dry slightly before watering. Bromeliads for terrarium: Bromelia plants are an excellent choice to use in terraria, espectially in terraria with poison dart frogs. Drainage. Buy Wholesale Air Plants & Tillandsia. Please select express shipping during checkout, to give your perishables the best chance of survival. Login BuildList 0 . They will always be packaged in their own box, separate from other products. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Learn More » Each clip is approximately 6" long. Best for display. 90. Common Name: Air Plant There are 1514 bromeliads for sale on Etsy, and they cost $15.53 on average. They are great for terrariums/vivariums. Assorted Terrarium Bromeliad Offsets - 40 Plants . Many people are surprised to learn that bromeliads include the pineapple and spanish moss. From shop BlackRiverAirPlantCo. These small bromeliads are by far my top choice for the terrarium. Bromeliads Any of the various mostly epiphytic tropical plants of the family Bromeliaceae are known as bromeliads. Bromeliads: Species: Description: Price Guide: Order. With Terrariums you never pour water into it , you use a spray bottle with water and water only as required. Get the best deals on Bromeliad Houseplants. No products in the cart. Learn More » Lighting: Most Light Levels Suitable-- Higher Light will promote brighter coloration Tillandsia. Bromeliads are sold mostly only in Victoria. Each clip is approximately 6" long. Humidity & Mis... An essential for properly mounting your epiphytes (such as orchids, bromeliads, and air plants). These air plants provide all the fun and none of the hassle with five different air plant types. These bromeliad string gardens are made using the Japanese bonsai technique of kokedama, along with a little bit of soil science. Other Broms & Specials Bromeliads from other genres, plus discounted grower's choice & plant package deals. Scientific Name: Tillandsia sp. Sale: 30% Off [5, 10, or 15 Pack] Tillandsia Melanocrater Tricolor Air Plants . Dartfrog Bromeliad selection: Our choice of 3 x bromeliad species suitable for the vivarium. Neoregelia bromeliads for sale. These are the types of bromeliads you’ll most often find at Art Terrarium! Buyer receives 5 offsets that will have some damage. These are NOT rooted adults but pups that have been removed from the mother plant that are beginning to establish. Assorted Terrarium Bromeliad Offsets - 100 Plants . There will be no duplicates and include varied sizes of larger and medium sized Tillandsia* Fast & Free shipping on many items! Bromeliad care and info. Scientific Name: Neoregel... A hand selected five pack of the Dude's best Bromelaid offsets. No compromises. Featured This Week. Bio-Active Terrarium Plant List | Bromeliads Definitions. Best for These Animals: Easy Grower (2) Good for a Hanging Basket (2) Good for a Terrarium (13) Hardiness Zone. Sale. Prof. R. Jayaraman (VU2JN) A Personal blog on Academic career in Civil Engineering, Amateur Radio hobby, and other interests Menu Skip to content A terrarium vivarium enthusiast favorite! Not only are bromeliads fairly easy to care for but their beautiful blooms are incredibly long-lasting. Shop . Both beautiful and functional, these plants provide hiding and breeding places for many species while adding great color and form to the landscape. Best for These Animals: A very versatile plant if humidity is kept high. NEOREGELIA TREASURE CHEST. Most of the the more unusual varieties are only available to nursery visitors. -Care Recommendations By The Dude- Some plants may be bigger than pups. Ferns and Mosses. NEOREGELIA TANGERINE. Order online or visit the shop. Retail Walk-in Store Greenhouses have Reopened. Soil Depth: Shallow to Moderate with proper drainage If your temperatures or the Bio Dude's temperatures are under 40 degrees the Bio Dude will NOT guarantee live delivery on plants. Aquarium plants (95) (95) Return To Shop $ Habitat. Tillandsia cyanea . They will not be named or tagged when delivered. Availability:: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Days Qty: Description This is a grower’s choice option, where you receive 5 terrarium suitable Bromeliads that are full size. Your Cart is Empty. We aren't able to guarantee shipments when temperatures are below 20°Fabove 95°F, so our team will temporarily hold your order in hopes that a slightly safer temperature window will develop. Aerophyte: A plant that grows on another plant (an epiphyte), but it takes its water and nutrients from the air and rain. Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items Welcome to the Bio Dude. More About Us. 3.7 out of 5 stars 5. Out of stock. Review some of the Dude's products and be submitted for a $25 BioDude gift card drawn at the first of each month! Buy Bromeliad Houseplants and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! There will be no duplicates and include varied sizes of larger and medium sized Tillandsia* Click here for Reopening details. Many orchids are miniature sized when they are young, but as they grow and develop, many of these plants will soon outgrow a traditionally sized terrarium or bottle garden! Home of Tillandsia and Bromeliads for sale in the UK. Plants for your Vivarium. Reptile and Amphibian UVB Bulbs and Fixtures, Terraria Heating Fixtures and Under Tank Heaters, 1-Count Offset Bromeliad Neoregelia *FREE SHIPPING*, 5-Count Offset Bromeliad Neoregelia Sampler Pack *FREE SHIPPING*, 6" Pot Bromeliad Neoregelia - Rooted Mother *The Dude's Choice*, 6" Pot Bromeliad Neoregelia w/ 3+ Offsets *The Dude's Choice*, Bromeliad Tillandsia 1-Pack *The Dude's Choice*, Bromeliad Tillandsia 3-Pack *The Dude's Choice*, Bromeliad Tillandsia 5-Pack *The Dude's Choice*, Automatic Misting Systems and Misting Accessories, Roach and feeder insect bioactive kits Advanced, Tarantula + Scorpion Bioactive Kits Advanced, Terra Botanica Complete Micro Terraria Kits, Turtle and Tortoise Bioactive Kits Advanced, Water additives for turtles and aquariums. We have a large inventory of larger bromeliads, more suited to picking up at the nursery if possible Products ( Total Items: 28 ) Sort by: Use Default Sorting Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Name Newest Avg Review Review Count Free Shipping On Sale Soil Depth: Shallow to Moderate with proper drainage By Michelle Inciarrano + Katy Maslow. Showing 1–27 of 160 results Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Sort by name: A to Z Sort by availability How to's, educational videos, vivarium tips and more! Regular price Sale price $8.00 Save $-8.00 This nice ... As the plant matures, the striations become almost white. Common Name: Air Plant Fast USA shipping. Mounting neoregelia species to cork bark is one of the most popular ways of adding foliage into gecko and amphibian habitats. Menu. Bromeliads These are one of the most popular additions to the dart frog terrarium. Bromeliads. Plus, you'll get everything you order pretty quickly since it only takes a day in transit! Clients in more distant locations will need to select express shipping to qualify for our live arrival guarantee if conditions are above 85F. Bromeliad for Sale @ Tillandsia Village Ph Green Plants , Flowering Plants Blooming Gardens ,Terrariums, Tillandsia Plants, Driftwood Bromeliads, Dishgardens, Planters. 12 Air Plant Variety Pack - Small Tillandsia Terrarium Kit - Assorted Species of Live Tillandsia Tropical House Plants for Sale, 2 to 5 Inches Each - Air Plants for Indoor Home Decor 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,967 Humidity & Misting: 40%-100% *Higher humidity ... MAY NOT BE EXACTLY AS PICTURED.  *The plant pictured is not necessarily the plant you will receive, but will be same size and shape*  Bromeliads such as the Tillandsia (air plants) do not need potting soil or traditional watering, but they do need care. Various Terrarium suitable bromeliads for sale. Scientific Name: Neoregelia cvs.. ProRep Live Terrarium Plants are perfect for bio-active terrariums. Sale: 70% Off [10, 20 or 50 Pack] Tillandsia Caput-Medusae Air Plants. Your home for the highest quality dart frogs & professional vivarium supplies for sale in the USA. Discover the beauty of bromeliads. Neoregelia Bromeliads. A mail order bromeliad supplier in Florida. Bulkhead Drain. Logee’s has a large variety of decorative tropical terrariums and terrarium plants for sale online. Monika and Lawrence's story. Express-shipped orders which need to be held due to weather have their products reserved and hold their place in the outgoing order queue. A very versatile plant if humidity is kept high. 0 Cart 0 . On Sale; New Listings; Grower's Choice; Supplies; Plant Care; Our Story ; Sign Up; Login; Get Free Shipping on all orders $120 or more. Expect carrier delays due to COVID19. Chive - Set of 5 Fake Artificial Faux Tillandsia Air Plants Bromeliads for Indoor/Outdoor Garden and Home Decor, Terrarium Decorations, Arrangements, and Display (Small) 4.6 out of 5 stars 141 $27.55 $ 27 . Ceramic Planters . They usually have long stiff leaves, colorful flowers and showy bracts. If you are ordering a bunch of heavier supplies and perishables, it's often cheaper to place two separate orders so that the supplies can cheaply ship ground while the smaller perishable box ships express. Air Plants hand-picked by ecostems, lots of variety available and in-stock. Not only are bromeliads fairly easy to care for …   Great for Terrariums, Vivariums, and outdoors. Treated like plant-children, they are well-established before shipping. Open 7 days a week. *The plant pictured is not necessarily the plant you will receive, but will be same size and shape*  We have been cultivating bromeliads and dahlias for 10 years and we now have a large collection of rare plants. Hear the BioDude speak. This is a selection of pottery used for . One thing that makes them great is their size, what you see in the images is about what you'll get, these rarely exceed 12 inches in any dimension. All orders are carefully packed and will include include free non-toxic ice pack(s) regardless of shipping method, but perishables ordered without using a guaranteed shipping method will be sent at the client's risk. Bromeliads. There are five included in each bundle. BROMELIADS Filter Close menu. Shop today! Narrow Your Search: Looking for a specific plant? Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BROMELIAD Neoregelia AMPULLACEA MICHAEL KIEHL Offset Great Find at the best online prices at eBay! 141 North Street Danielson, CT 06239 (860) 774-8038 Call Center hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

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