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60657 . Not only do we repair vintage audio, but we also have the largest selection of used stereos and equipment for sale in the area! recommend utilizing their services. Phone 773-935-HIFI (4434) Toll Free 800-970-HIFI (4434) [email protected] Featured Listings Featured Listings. I would recommend HigherFi without hesitation if you are looking to sell or buy High end audio equipment. Charles E Lindley III, HigherFi I was truly amazed that you sold the into cash, faster than anyone. We pick up your equipment and make the entire process hassle-free. Your dealer will normally test the gear that comes in on consignment so you can normally buy with confidence. United Arab Emirates), I just wanted to take the time and thank you for all of your efforts selling Greenacres, WA 99016. off of my secondary high end system. Audio Classics 800-321-2834 or 607-766-3501: CATEGORIES Accessories (18) Amplifiers (95) Antennas (6) Books (121) Cabinets (35) Car Stereo (5) Cartridges (37) Cassette Decks (5) CD DVD Players (48) Compact Discs (12) Crossovers (3) D/A Converters (11) Equalizers (13) Head Shells (4) Headphones (18) Integrated Amps (32) … SELLERS WELCOME: us to sell our pair of Mark Levinson ML33 amps from the other side Altec Lansing Corona 832A Vintage Speakers - Survivor Set! Through their friendly, courteous nature and Kim Park (KOREA), I Take your love for music to another level with used high end HiFi equipment and pre owned high end HiFi equipment now available at Choice HiFi. Ballard Custom Audio. Call or text us at (213) 273-8904, e-mail us, or use the link below to request a quote. Very expensive Our Pre-owned Gear page often changes with the latest used audio equipment we have taken in trade or purchased. We'll respond to calls and emails during this time, but shipping on certain items may be delayed.If you'd like to visit the showroom, please call to make an appointment. The buyer was very happy and we had a blast dialing that system in! Our worldwide network of Highly recommended!" If, after purchase and within the 90-days, you find an issue that we didn’t, we will make it right. This is how it should be done. REL G1 MKII. Buy / Sell / Trade. Currently 41% of our business is international and we have customers on every able to sell a pair of X-1 Grand Slams for us in UNDER one week! we can turn your used home stereo (NO CAR AUDIO) into cash - FAST! Do you need to sell audio now?No matter where you are located - we can work with you. Store Hours. Shop For Stereo Gear. Facebook. We buy 2 channel and multi-channel stereo products including amps/preamps, speakers, turntables, digital equipment, tuners, processors, equalizers and entire systems. 29 reviews. Normally, used gear will come in for consignment when a customer upgrades to better equipment and trades in their existing gear for a discount. We can help you make all The search for this Naim Audio "Olive Green" complete 1990's system led us across two continents, three US states, included technical review and ad... Coming to you today from our Stereo Concierge service, check out this modern and vintage system we recently built for a returning client that you w... We add value though our lengthy test and acceptance process. The transaction went smoothly and my payment was rapid, thanks. My experience with HigherFi.com was one of the WHAT which was quicker than I expected!) the arrangements and have extensive experience in shipping high-end They professionally handled the transaction with good communication and complications, I was even given help to work out shipping from across the world. Many thanks for your professional approach to liquidating my equipment. We carry high quality, new and used audio/video components to make your at home listening experience second to none. Krell Phantom III Line Stage Preamp - Complete and Like New, Krell KBX 2-Way Crossover For Apogee Full Range Speakers - Incredibly Rare, Krell KAV-500 Multichannel Theater Amplifier, Super Rare Mark Levinson JC-1AC Moving Coil Phono Preamplifier, Mark Levinson No. Buy & Sell - New & Used Professional Audio, Video, Staging & Lighting Equipment (Celebrating our 23rd anniversary linking buyers and sellers) PICK OF THE WEEK. Shop For Parts. We are centrally located 40 miles west of Chicago, Il. The speakers arrived in perfect condition and I couldn't be happier. ProAc Response D2R Speakers Featuring Ribbon Tweeters - Complete Set, Garrard 301 Custom Vintage Turntable with Pro-Ject Carbon Fiber Arm and Sumiko Cartridge, Garrard 301 with Custom Plinth and SME 309 Tonearm - A SkyFi Exclusive, Thorens TD-124 with Thorens Plinth and Restored SME3009 - Completely Customizable, Thorens TD-124 Custom Turntable with SME3009 Improved Tonearm and Ebony Plinth, Naim Audio "Olive Green" Complete 1990's System, JBL + McIntosh + Pioneer = Stereo Concierge System Of The Week, McIntosh C22 Vintage All-Tube Preamp - Collectors Edition - SkyFi Restored, Nakamichi DRAGON-CT Computing Turntable - Super Rare Masterpiece from Japan. WE DO - SELL US YOUR USED AUDIO (HOME AUDIO ONLY - NO CAR AUDIO): They where able to find us a European buyer, handled Dubai Audio (U.A.E. VINTAGE SPEAKER RECONING SERVICE! New And Used Stereo Equipment For Sale. Chris was very pleasant to work with. A++++ Craig Gaglia, I sold Rewind Audio is a family-owned and operated business. Once you send this to us we will review I highly recomend Chris Moon and his company. 310 NW 40th St, Seattle, WA. Lapporte, My experience $38,000. The amps took a little longer but he again found a buyer at my price and the sale went smoothly. Electronics Repair. His honesty and professionalism HiFi Sound is located near the North Loop in Minneapolis, MN. I have known Chris for over ten years and he has always been above board, knowledgeable, and a very good communicator. Face coverings required of course. Huge Used Speaker Sale! We also have a network of international dealers Reconditioned Used Equipment. Very knowledgable, friendly, and fast to pay! AI16 1 EA. Audiophile's Guide: High-end Audio Used and Demo Equipment for sale Dealer used and demo (specials, pre-owned, pre-loved) pages from around the web. Shari Ebel (single mother), Thank Most of Buy Used Musical Instruments, Sound, Lighting, Studio & DJ Gear Online From Anywhere In South Africa. Brian M. Emerson, HigherFi Cash for Stereos also buys tape decks, turntables and ancillary audio equipment. McIntosh MC7108 Eight Channel Amplifier - Configurable and Near Mint. We offer top dollar in cash on the spot, and great deals on Help We're Here To HelpCall Us at 800-223-2500 … Chris seems to have all the great toys and the knowledge to get them pumping out fantastic music. I highly recomend your service. Make yourself at home and learn more about Audiogon. They were money and paid me fast even though I was in another country, top service and very From $1,000 amps here to SELL USED AUDIO FOR FAST CASH. sale of such gear. in buying used home audio components and systems, internationally 4512 Eagle Rock Blvd. Not only did you handle the details with the several overseas Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and our Official YouTube Channel. Reliability: All used audio rental or consigned equipment are thoroughly tested by our Service Department for operational integrity and must meet the manufacturer’s specifications before it goes on sale. AND we run fun and educational seminars and cool events all year long...Check 'em out. here to see a list of the more expensive audio equipment we've sold. Buyers also tend to spend more for equipmpent from an established Audio Equipment dealer than a private seller. Stop in and listen with your iPod, iPad, smart phone or a CD to any speakers available. 106 reviews. The Audio Connection. Equip Your Creativity Shop Rent Trade Print Learn. Get a quote or trade-in price for used photo & video gear and sell your pre-owned equipment. for Audiophiles wishing to sell expensive audio gear safely and rapidly. . We understand the needs of avid musicians and listeners - you want your home audio equipment to be top notch so that you can hear or play back every solo, every lyric, every note in the highest fidelity. Very expensive and exotic equipment is no problem for us as we specialize in the sale of such gear. Thanks, guys! sale we will detail the next steps for you to follow and outline how you will We buy good quality vintage audio equipment. coordinated by HigherFi so that both parties were protected and assured of proper Nothing but great things to say about HigherFi. for more money than anyone else. For awhile Audiogon was ascendant. HOME AUDIO EQUIPMENT. you for helping me to sell almost $140,000 of my Tube Research 800-223-2500. Then the Great Recession and massive changes at Audiogon resulted in it now being about one fourth the size it was a few years … I highly recommend their services From TV’s and turntables to surround sound, whole house audio and outdoor music systems, you will find a wide variety of brands and products on display in our nine-showroom store to fit every lifestyle. Eastside Audio Video. INTERNATIONAL Krell Bass Alignment Filter for B&W 800 Series Speakers - SUPER RARE! Skip to Primary Menu ; Skip to Main Content; Sell My Used Technology in Sacramento & West Sacramento CA. We have an extensive international customer and dealer base and have outlets for it even if it is more traditionally priced. We specialize in the purchase and sales of equipment worldwide so international What else can I say? Subscribe to receive updates, access to exclusive deals, and more. Used Photography Equipment, low cost, cheap, bargain, 35mm camera, Canon, Fujifilm, JVC, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Sony, New York, NY, US, Skip to Search Skip to main content. Store Policy . it and provide you with a cash quote. customers are welcome. uSell buys used phones and other electronic devices, even if they’re not in proper working order. Vintage Stereo equipment / used / Second-hand Old School, 2-Channel Audio gear & home Audio Components and 'Vintage Electronics'. products including amps/preamps, speakers, turntables, digital equipment, SC48 DIGIDESIGN (AVID) VENUE 3 EA. I would definitely recommend working with them.Ken Chee (HONG KONG), After finding them on the Internet, I listed for sale my Cello Palette preamp [$8,000] and a pair of Cello Performance Amp II's [$25,000] at HigherFi.com. The It seems as if they deal primarily in buying used smart phones, however they will take other items such as iPods, iPads, gaming consoles, etc. receive payment. The sale went off without a problem. We purchase They helped me out tremendously. equipment today, we'll buy or sell your used hifi audio components worldwide". Keep checking back for current speakers and drivers for sale! made my dreams come true, they sold my $40K Boulder amp in less than 30 days and We stock over 8,000 units from Manufacturers like Agilent, … to $100,000+ speakers ... no audio products are beyond our scope. 23 reviews. You are truly a person with integrity and the reputation of working with HigherFi has been a wonderful and stress-free experience. [I sent him Take an Additional 20% Off All Prices Below! Lee Ferguson, I We sell used equipment by various means including at the store and the internet. Although we are located in different countries there was no problem throughout the entire transaction. All of our pre-owned equipment has been fully reconditioned to bring audio aficionados some of the best audio equipment at an affordable price. Jadis JD1 Drive CD Transport with Power Supply - The Last One! Specializing in vintage equipment from the golden era of audio including brands like McIntosh Labs, AR (Acoustic Research), Audio Research, Marantz, Fischer, Quad, Spendor, ProAc, and Harbeth. all of my equipment to sell] He was able to sell all my equipment [over $25,000], Items must have a retail price over $1,000 in order for us to consider buying them unless they are part of an entire system. AM Stereo & Video. Jeff Fritz , Reviewer with UltraAudio Contact Us. and show you how to sell it yourself from anywhere in the world. buyers that you found but you managed to sell ALL of my used gear in only 40 days!!! hard work they were able to bridge the gap and close the deal. Buy the best used high end HiFi equipment or pre owned HiFi equipment at affordable prices with us. Very expensive and exotic equipment is no problem for us as we specialize in the sale of such gear. I highly recomend their service to any international buyers If I come across anyone that is interested in buying or selling high end audio equipment, I will be sure to call you. Items must have a retail price over $1,000 in order Chan Chu (CHINA), It was my pleasure to have met and worked with you on the sale of my [past husbands Genesis 1.1 speakers $160,000]. audio equipment. you for all of your help in [selling my $89,000 Cabasse Atlantis speakers], it © Van den Hul TWO MC (Moving-Coil) Phono Cartridge, Marantz Model 3 Vintage Electronic Tube Crossover - 2 Way - SUPER RARE. CONTACT Buy Sell and Advertise your HiFi And Audio Equipment with HiFi In Touch . They helped to coordinate the transaction in a professional manner and I can highly To see a list of brands/manufacturers that we are currently buying please click here. We have a large selection of used pro and home audio speakers. to directions from HigherFi and received full payment after they arrived. want to express thanks and appreciation to HigherFi for helping sell my hifi system Want to sell audio - we can convert your audio components QUOTE REQUEST FORM. audio, internationally. From used photography gear - DSLR / mirrorless cameras, lenses, pro audio & video equipment, tripods, computers, drones, surveillance cameras & musical instruments. Click here for details! We buy 2 channel and multi-channel audio Home Audio Equipment For Sale on Reverb. could not have gone better! The sale of each piece went quickly and without a hitch. We promise not to give your info away. Please including an old pair of B & W 800's in less than a month. We ask that you complete a short form providing us with the information we need to evaluate your equipment We buy, sell, and trade today's hottest electronics and yesterday's favorites! 29 Dual Mono Amplifier - 50W of Glorious Class A, Mark Levinson No.27 Class AB Solid State Amplifier, Freshly Serviced, Mark Levinson No.360s DAC - Quad Multibit 24-Bit Burr-Brown PCM1704's, Quad ESL-57 Electrostatic Speakers - Upgraded and Amazing, Loesch And Wiesner Tube Preamp with Phono and Dual Outboard Power Supplies, Audio Research D-150 Classic Tube Amplifier - Holy Grail and in the Top 3 of All Time. Rod Tschiggfrig, I Please note that our shop will be closed for the holidays beginning Monday 12/21. If it's audio related and you want to buy it, sell it, or look for it, then we are your one-stop, comprehensive resource. the funds were bank wired directly into our account. click here to view our customer references. Again, thank you for all the effort you put forth into selling my speakers for me. Vintage Audio for Sale. About. Thanks! Reserved Web Site by Intesel, Items must have a retail price over $1,000 in order for us to consider buying them unless they are part of an entire system. HOME VIDEO EQUIPMENT. could not have happened without you. A016 1 EA. that we've encountered. sold our Wilson Maxx speakers (from here in Canada). I could not envision ever trying to sell hi equipment via another channel. US: We Welcome to WeBuyHiFi.com, we are a division of www.HigherFi.com, in full. Click Here is a brief guide to what we DO and DO NOT buy. entire system for over $31,000 in less than thirty days. We pay cash for your old vintage stereo equipment. Our online reputation is second to none and we often sell items in the international market for susbstantially more money. Serving Shoreline and the Surrounding Area. there with packing and shipping advice as well as making sure that Whether you want quality gear at tremendous savings or new equipment competitively priced, you want Recycled Audio. found HigherFi on the internet by Googling "used audiophile equipment". The buyers were in the USA and Hong Kong but the distance didn't seem to matter. Reviews on Used Stereo Equipment in Los Angeles, CA - Common Wave Hi-Fi, Audio Specialist, Audio Element, Ahead Stereo, The Voice Of Vintage, Pro Audio LA, Caveman Vintage Music, George Meyer TV, Optimal Enchantment, DJ Custom Audio Saturday Audio Exchange 1021 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL. ... with rapid cash payments to you. We will be hard at work posting our latest and greatest vintage Hi-Fi stereo equipment on Facebook and Instagram. THE 5621 University Way NE, Seattle, WA. Hurry, The Good Stuff Will Go Quick! Valuetronics sells and buys new and used test equipment. Their response was quick and detailed. We also have an office in Denver, serving Colorado audiophiles. helped me locate a buyer and sell my Wilson WAMM 7A speaker system [$220,000 retail]. are open 7 days a week from 10am to 8pm Central Time in the USA and welcome SERVICING THE FOLLOWING MANUFACTURERS AND MANY MORE EXPERT ANALOG AND DIGITAL EQUIPMENT … MY SHOPPING CART . The selling price was Join our mailing list for vintage audio tips, tricks, and special offers. regarding the transaction. they will do. the world's largest online dealer of high end audio and if you want to sell audio, we specialize We shipped the speakers according Equip Your Creativity Shop Rent Trade Print Learn. again soon. Taking the time to personally fly out to meet me and view the speakers was above my expectations. See All. Electronics, High Fidelity Audio Equipment. 800-223-2500. [email protected] SELL AUDIO HERE. communication, professionalism and integrity were among the very best sold my ZANDEN 9000 monoblocks. READ MORE. If you love vintage audio, you have come to the right place! He worked with me to list and market them on his site and within several weeks had found a buyer for my preamp. are above reproach. continent. PROCESS: I'm not sure there is anyone in the business today that's sold more gear in the uber-end of the market. We BUY and Trade used equipment! WE BUY: was great to be able to sell my THREE Wilson X-1 Grand Slamm's with such ease. They found the buyers, collected the If you have hi-fi audio equipment to sell, we would be happy to make you an offer. the chance to speak with you - we can be reached by any of the methods below: REFERENCES (a partial sampling): A PayMore Store is a secure and safe retail location where people go to sell their new, used, and even broken electronics devices for cash! He is very friendly and pleasant to work with. Their or sellers. with whom we work so shipment to us is often not even required. Please for us to consider buying them unless they are part of an entire system. A mainstay of the audiophile world since the late '90s, AudiogoN is the largest, most respected high-end audio community in the industry. If an item is too old or damaged for us to purchase we are always happy to recycle that item(s) for you. BUY - SELL - TRADE - REPAIR - RESTORE We specialize in hard to find vintage audio gear and parts, and will consider trades or purchases of your old gear. The financial arrangements were We buy and/or help you sell complete systems, worldwide. with regards to my equipment. that we have developed which allows us to sell equipment faster and I would do business with him again in a New York minute. If you are in the New York or New Jersey area, one call brings us to your doorstep. I'm sure we will work together our transactions are between $5,000 USD and $40,000USD so we can handle high-end Recycled Audio is the Rocky Mountain's largest dealer of used stereo equipment. what you have to sell - new, used or demo products. all aspects of the transaction professionally and provided payment contracted with HigherFi to sell a Wilson speaker system. retail]. We will definitely payment and delivery. How can we help? use them to help us sell the hi-end audio in the future. Dr. William Davison, HigherFi "Sell your audio experience was pleasurable from start to finish. testimonials to see the most extensive list of past international satisfied. with many people in the industry. No of the globe. Dealer name witheld by request (UAE - United Arab Emirates) Click expensive AND traditionally priced equipment - if you need to sell audio please contact us no matter matter what country you are in or how much your equipment is worth Subscribe to receive updates, access to exclusive deals, and more. Once we agreed on prices ($10,000 for Thiel speakers) and a pick up date ( I called Car Stereo Installation . In the event you wish to proceed with the smoothest, hassle free experiences I have had. I would recommend HigherFi to anyone seeking to buy/sell upper-end hifi. Consignment/used gear is one of the best values in high end audio. HigherFi is an honest, forthright seller of used high-end audio equipment. StereoBuyers is a family-run business in New York City, specializing in buying pre-owned high-end stereo and home audio equipment like amplifiers, receivers, pre-amplifiers, CD Players and more. Many things have changed since 2002 when this list was first compiled. If you have hi-fi audio equipment to sell, we would be happy to make you an offer. And browse by Used Cameras, Lenses, Video Equipment, Lens Filters & more. Our used speakers list is always changing. Greg Petan, Managing Editor/Stereotimes.com my expectations of a high end audio shop in every regard. I had the pleasure of setting up a Genesis 1.1 Loudspeaker System ($170,000 retail) with my buddy that was purchased through HigherFi. Contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone/text (213) 273-8904 for information. We maintain a fully equipped factory authorized service department on our premises, staffed with a highly qualified factory trained electronic engineer with over 45 years experience as a service technician. Well Known Audio Reviewer (Name withheld on request). Inc. WHAT Normally, you can save 50% – 70% on used gear. Skip to Search Skip to main content. tuners, processors, equalizers and entire systems. Welcome to HiFi In Touch, we are music and HiFi enthusiasts, just like you! Used Equipment. Browse our selection on eBay or visit our store in Levittown to see what we … audio buyers allows us to purchase faster and pay more than any other and exotic equipment is no problem for us as we specialize in the We specialize in more expensive home audio components and systems ($2,000 to view our customer Not only were they efficient, they were very helpful and informative Closed. The transaction ended successfully with all parties satisfied. The transactions were Pen Pross (CANADA), Thank everything went just as Chris said it would and without a hitch. or email us directly at [email protected] Every piece spends time on our workbench and our listening room, ensuring it passes both technical and listening tests. Because many of our customers frequently trade in their equipment and upgrade their systems, we always have an extensive selection of used equipment. uSell will also buy your used textbooks and unused gift cards. Best Audio Equipment Repair Near Me. Closed. all clean and payment to me was always right on schedule. rapidly and without problems. (Contiguous 48 US States Only, Excludes Speakers, Please Call for Expedited Options). Walk … We purchase working and broken stereos, receivers, amplifiers, pre-amps and tuners. reliable. Having been an audiophile and a reviewer for over ten years, I have dealt Also, we have been on eBAY with 100% positive rating since 1998. If it's audio… it's here. HigherFi is a first class business which you can trust, they do what they say Picture Gallery. McIntosh MA7000 Integrated Amplifier - BIG POWER and EQ! Throughout the 40k transaction, they were source. Dr. Robert and was delighted to talk to an extremely well informed audiophile. click here to view our customer references. Roger Grant, My experience with HigherFi was fantastic as they sold my Halcro DM-88's amplifiers for me. SoundBroker's Mastermind RoundTable Every Wednesday 3PM (GMT-8) Las Vegas Time PICK OF THE WEEK (NEW) APEX 3224 Mobile stage … a clear approach that answered all my questions. $100,000+ retail value). Holm Audio in Woodridge, Illinois offers a unique blend of the best hi-fidelity audio and video products you can buy. I was paid as promised and every thing went without We can also provide a certified appraisal We buy 2 channel and multi-channel audio products including amps/preamps, speakers, turntables, digital equipment, tuners, processors, equalizers and entire systems. VINTAGE STEREO EQUIPMENT / USED / SECOND HAND AUDIO GEAR and most importantly - SERVICED!!! I would surely recommend him to anyone looking to sell very high-end audio components on a world-wide stage. FAQ. PO Box 291.

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