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On the mod description it says to simply uncheck the mod when you start a new game and recheck it once you leave the helgen … ... All tombs in Helgen reborn are separate tombs so that You do not go on any random quest. The cart ride used to work just fine when started through LAL, but a recent update to Helgen Reborn seems to have changed that. The reason you cannot start a new character with HR active in your plugin list is a navmesh issue where almost any edit and finalization to the navmesh in some of the named Helgen Exterior cells breaks the cart ride at the beginning of the game. This mod adds NPCs back into Helgen… I am doing the quest city on a hill for Helgen reborn mod and in the pit fight cave after my first fight I am told to choose a name but when I talk to wiglaf to try and choose it he won’t speak I.e I click on the speech “goreu mentioned something abou ... the two former old chums reunite at Helgen and start making plans for the future. Helgen Reborn, just as its name mentions, is about restoring the city of Helgen. In the case of those who are using Alternate Start, only activate it AFTER you have went to Helgen and found the burned corpse with the Journal. I'd like to make a new character as well as keep my old one intact that has already completed Helgen reborn. roadkill888 7 years ago #1. It is incompatible. i currently use helgen reborn with alternate start. PC Sometimes in the opening cinematic, the gates of Helgen will shut, causing the cart in front of the Dragonborn's cart to halt, which will then cause the Dragonborn's cart to collide with it. Either way lol (this is no joke) when you reload it enough times, if the quest doesn't progress sooner or later the quest will actually starts to work. Hey guys, this is Mike Hancho, author of Helgen Reborn. By progressing through the game’s questlines, players will get to choose how they will rebuild this city: giving it to the Stormcloak, or to the Imperial, or make it an independent city? DO NOT use this with Helgen Reborn. Helgen Reborn invites you to play a key role in transforming Helgen into a functioning town once more. ive tried removing all my mods, using steam to start the game (instead of the SKSE short cut), and even moved all my saves out of the saves folder. Or a change in USKP v.1.3.3 that, paired with Helgen Reborn and LAL, prevents the cart sequence from working. Activate it from a save in an interior cell as well. PC(Fix) Restart the game. This could be the stuck scene issue I detail above, but the cause could be that you have a stray gambler who has fallen or spawned in the pit. Helgen Reborn invites you to play a key role in transforming Helgen into a functioning town once more. Helgen Reborn Problems PC SSE - Help So im trying to play the game with Helgen Reborn but for what ever reason the game wont start. The carts will then shake and may be flung in random directions. So try reloading a save before you start the quest or before you entered the mine. All of the other starts should be fine. Helgen Reborn is the sixth episode of the fifth season of Skyrim Main Rickard Rosvard, Ralof, Hadvar (credit only), Aela the Huntress, Vilkas, Farkas, Ivan the Ruthless, Inigo, Amelia Tullius, Draver, Ulfric Stormcloak, Revus Rosvard, Vignar Gray-Mane, Delvin Mallory, Brynjolf A - This includes not being able to advance the dialog with Wiglaf, or a fight getting stuck sometime before, during or after the fight and not advancing, not starting or hanging up in the middle. you normally must wait 4days then go to whiterun in order for bandits to spawn in helgen and this is required even if you dont use alternate start the only differance is you should go to helgen keep and make sure that the second rock collapse added by alternate start disapered when the bandits spawned. I found this thread and wanted to clear up some misunderstandings concerning my mod. User Info: roadkill888.

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