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B. Lyons Company, State Printers, 1912. The names listed here will not be picked up by the search engine for this website but they have one on their homepage. This database matches the recruitment locations (counties) with the companies. While most were in the 101st Infantry Regiment, there were Morgan Co men in other units as well. 1st Regiment, Illinois Infantry (Sp. Artillery. Topics. The following links are to the Illinois Civil War Project. As multiple states had soldiers fighting both for the United States (U.S. Army/Union Army) and the Confederate States (C.S. Civil War units were recruited to serve for 30, 60, or 100 days, three, six, or nine months, or one or three years. Information was obtained, in part, from the “History of Oswego County”, N. Y., 1789-1877, published by Everett & Ferriss, 1878, and “NY in the War of the Rebellion 1861 – 1865", compiled by Frederick Phisterer, Albany, J. Morgan Co contributed many men to the Civil War effort. Illinois Infantry Regiment, 73rd (1862-1865) A history of the Seventy-third Regiment of Illinois Infantry Volunteers : its services and experiences in camp, on the march, on the picket and skirmish lines, and in many battles of the war, 1861-65. United States. Adams County , Illinois; Battle of Shiloh; Illinois in the US Civil War (USA) 1861-1865; Illinois with Counties, Cities, and Towns Project; Quincy , Adams County ,Illinois; Siege of Vicksburg, MS May 18 – July 4, 1863, US Civil War; United States with Counties, Areas, Communities Project 23rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment United States Regiments & Batteries > Illinois The 23rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment lost 4 officers and 50 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 2 officers and 93 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War. Location. Civil War. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Civil War Regimental Histories OSWEGO IN THE REBELLION. Most recent additions: MS Cavalry, MS Infantry, MS Light Artillery, NY Infantry, TN Infantry Search list of soldiers Civil War, Illinois Regiments. 1st Regiment Light Artillery, Battery "A" 1st Regiment Light Artillery Battery "B" 1st Regiment Light Artillery, Battery "C" (Houghtailing's) More regiments are added daily, until all are listed. Am. They have done a wonderful job providing this information. The ones above were whole companies that were mostly Morgan men. Illinois Regiments - Civil War, 1861-1865 Many of the companies in Illinois Volunteer Regiments during the Civil War were recruited within a specific area of a state. Illinois Regiments - Civil War, 1861-1865 Many of the companies in Illinois Volunteer Regiments during the Civil War were recruited within a specific area of a state. Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls; ... To search for all soldiers whose residence is given as a county, township or city, enter the name of the county, township or city in the "Residence" field. 38° 53.533′ N, 89° 24.777′ W. Marker is in Greenville, Illinois, in Bond County. Illinois supplied more than 259,000 men to the Union cause in the Civil War, raising some 150 infantry regiments, 17 cavalry regiments, and a wide array of artillery units. Home The Armies The Soldiers The Battles Civilians Articles What's New About Us Ohio Union Regiments. Erected 1903 by Grand Army of the Republic, Women's Relief Corps, Sons of Veterans, and Other Patriotic Citizens of Bond County. Mr. Root died March 14 [1932], at the military home in Leavenworth, Kansas, where he was taken about two weeks ago. Civil War Index. Thomas in Chickamauga Park, Georgia. Illinois having sent six regiments to the Mexican War, by courtesy, the numbering of Illinois regiments began with number seven. A list of American Civil War regiments organized into federally organized units as well as units raised by individual states and territories. The "Company" and "Unit" fields may be combined in a single search. Miscellaneous Civil War Data Prisoner Treatment Spanish-American War History and Rosters Roster of Soldiers World War 1 McLean County, Illinois, in the World War, 1917-1918 by Edward E. Pierson & Jacob Louis Hasbrouck c 1921 Regiments Soldiers' & Sailors' Home Residents (1887-1916) 1929 Illinois Honor Roll World War 2 List of Casualties Korean War Under each county, its cities, townships and villages are listed alphabetically. Note the other units in the complete list below. Civil War units recruited in Knox County. Illinois Regiments. Illinois Civil War Rosters from the Adjutant General's Report, 85th Regiment (accessed 22 Feb. 2011) includes rosters of all the regiments and information on the different companies in each regiment. Recommended Citation Tolppanen, Bradley P., "Coles County Soldiers in the Illinois Regiments" (2011). Army. This list cross-references US Civil War regiments with their companies, and the originating county where many of the company's the soldiers were recruited, often where they lived. Civil War POWs Confederate and Union Civil War Prisoners of War PA Veteran Burials Records Illinois State Archives - Illinois Civil War Muster … This exhibit provides information on the service of the more than 2,000 soldiers from Coles County that served in the Illinois regiments during the Civil War. Any other field combinations will not be … This is a list of American Civil War units, consisting of those established as federally organized units as well as units raised by individual states and territories. 14th Illinois Infantry The FOURTEENTH ILLINOIS INFANTRY was one of the regiments raised under the “Ten Regiment Bill”, which anticipated the requirements of the General Government by organizing, equipping and drilling a regiment in each Congressional District in the State for thirty days, unless sooner required for services by the United States. This database matches the recruitment locations (counties) with the companies. Following this precedent, Hoosier regiments in the Spanish-American War in 1898 began with 157 in honor of the Civil War regiments. Centre County Pennsylvania Soldiers in the Civil War Centre County PA Civil War Rosters For additional regiments and more detailed information about the following regiments including wounded, killed in action, promotions, regimental history and battles fought, see Bates' History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers 2nd Regiment This certainly has been true in Illinois, the state that produced both Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. Little Egypt’s contribution to the Civil War is particularly unique in the regiments it raised. Army), forces from states which did not fall under Union or Confederate control are noted as such.

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