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Advisors do not care. Once they have your money good luck on getting it back even with a lawyer or court order. Run fast! My advisor called and told me to transfer all of my accounts because he did not want to deal with me anymore.I called twice this summer to have my account transferred to another advisor but no one returned my calls. She was told "Your parents will have to pay.' Wells Fargo brokerage review for 2021. I worked at Wells Fargo full-time for more than a year. With 13,000 ATMs and over 8,700 branches nationwide, you’re never far away from a Wells Fargo banking location. There as alway one more form that needs to be signed and submitted for review. High expenses for little or no customer service. AdvisoryHQ (All Rights Reserved), Potential cons, such as Wells Fargo Advisors fees, Pros, such as the range of options for a Wells Fargo Advisors online account, The most common Wells Fargo Advisors complaints, The most useful benefits of Wells Fargo Advisors Solutions, The Wells Fargo Advisors fee schedule is more complex than the previous tier, as it consists of an annual fee that varies depending on the customer’s assets. by Michelle, Pros and Cons of Wells Fargo Stock More Founded in 1852 and headquartered in San Francisco, Wells Fargo operates 7,600 locations and 13,000 ATMs, along with offices in 32 countries. Wells Fargo Advisors reviews show that customers are unclear on the value of this service, however, as Wells Fargo Advisors … Upon informing them that mom had passed away they immediately closed/froze his account. No access to cash when needed. by Mark Anthony, As you can imagine this has been a difficult time for my family. Days later they WFA insists that they have a diffferent trust and no successor is named and that I need an attorney to resolve this. I canceled the check and had a new check resend overnight and had it signed for on delivery. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE, LIE, CHEAT & STEAL. Photo Credit: Wells Fargo Advisors Review. Money transferred was still not in my account 20 business days later. The get the IRA released it took me 6 months of battling with Wells Fargo. The missing 42% was 11% to them in fees and 31% squandered by their ineptitude. Higher APY. PROS. STOP IT!!! The Wells Fargo Advisors online account system is reportedly slow to respond, laborious to use, and unsuited to active investors. Called again the next day. They put me in contact with Wells Fargo Advisors. Wells Fargo offers plenty of banking services and products and is ideal for customers who want their banking and investment accounts with a single institution. It’s a bit technical, but quite informative. I hope to be completely separated from them in the near future. On balance run-of-the-mill performance not monitored or altered once set up. Called on a mon. Any other referenced entity is a separate entity from WFAFN. Take advantage of investors especially elderly. Wells Fargo Advisors reviews, however, show that their advice often provides customers with mixed or poor results. Both the Wells Fargo Advisors and Wells Fargo Advisors Solutions accounts offer full access to the online options included in the WellsTrade account. 12/3/2019. Wells Fargo had also failed to transfer a savings account with over a $100K and a checking account with $40K into the trust. There is not space here for a full accounting of how awful this company is. 5/18/2016. CONCLUSION, the cash management department at WF Advisors demonstrated multiple times, by lack of follow up and lying (or not knowing what was going on in their own department), that customer service is not of concern to them. My brother named me successor trustee in his legal trust. Wells Fargo is compatible with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Cons: poor integrity; self serving; unethical. High fees: With fees starting at 2% for its investment management programs, Wells Fargo Wealth Management fees are higher than the industry average of 1.17%, according to a 2019 study by RIA in a Box.However, it is worth noting that the firm says its rates are negotiable.

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